Loss Control Solutions

Loss Control Solutions is a small Belgian Company which offers since 2002 specialist loss control consultancy and engineering services to high tech industries: Oil and Gas (upstream and downstream), LNG facilities, Chemical plants, Pharmaceutical and Food industry.


Facilitation of Process Risk Assessment​

We guide companies towards effective risk assessment during the different phases of a project. We provide team leader(s) and scribe(s) to run your studies efficient.


We perform different modelling and calculation studies. We provide experienced engineer to run the modelling efficient.

Safety management systems for major hazard sites

We perform:

Development of procedures

We perform development of procedures:

ATEX Assessments

The European ATEX directives 2014/34/EU and 1999/92/EC, prescribe how explosion risks must be handled


We have developed tailor made trainings for:

What Loss Control Solutions stand for

Assistance in development, improvement and implementation of elements of a safety management system (Process Risk assessment, LOPA, Risk evaluation techniques, training, incident/accident investigation, …)

Guiding companies towards a safe design with safety studies: Facilitation of: Coarse HAZOP, Final HAZOP, Identifications of the major accident scenarios, quantitative risk assessment, IPF-study, SIL determination, recommendation follow-up.

Judgement of cost effective safety aspects for projects starting at the drawing board, construction phase, commissioning and start-up, till operational phase.

Auditing of safety systems: Safety audit, pre-start-up audit, insurance audit…

We reinforce (international) audit teams. We can assist in understanding audit recommendations and help in developing cost effective responses.

Implementation of elements of a safety management system (system evaluation, product stewardship, accident investigation…)

Knowledge, verification and application of EU-standards (PED, ATEX, IEC 61508,… ) including codes of industry practices

Development of operational procedures according the best practice without excessive cost. We also train and apply these procedures.

Development of company emergency plans. This includes the decision concerning the emergency equipment, Emergency teams and crisis management

Start-up involvement of grass-root plants

We assist in a assessing the risks of plants which are partly in operation and partly under commissioning / construction